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Follow your Software spend effortlessly

Understanding where your money goes on SaaS does not have to be a hasstle. We help Finance departments to make data-driven decisions.

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Collect Invoices            Manage software            Monitor usage & access   

How Affire works

We integrate with your favourite SaaS providers and get real-time data

so you can make data driven decisions.

Software analytics dashboard

Increased Security

Time efficiency

Save employee hours

Statistics and analytics

Optimise Spend

Why Choose Affire


Control your SaaS spend 

Ever realised you're still paying for someone who doesn't work for you? Tired of manually asking for invoices from your teammates each month? View all unassigned, used and unused licenses, automatically fetch invoices & follow spend in one place to know where you can optimise your SaaS spend. 

Automate SaaS access management

No more manual employee onboarding and offboarding on the available SaaS in your company. Automate the process by setting up workflows to lessen manual work, security risks and increase transparency.

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Employee onboarding automation
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Get reminded on license renewals

Be in charge and don't let unexpected expenses to take you by surprise. Get reminded when a License renewal is coming up in your most convenient way to never get unknowingly charged again.

Industry Use cases


For International Localization teams to manage project-based freelancer onboarding and offboarding

Freelancer project-based management, marketing tool license renewals and monitoring SaaS usage

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You don't have to spend long hours on Excel 

We'll take care of it! 

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